Tree felling and tree trimming


Do you need a tree felling service?

Here at Roodepoort tree fellers, we are a professional tree felling company. We have been providing this service for many years and have the experience and expertise to do the job right.

We understand that when it comes to tree felling, safety is of paramount importance. That is why we take great care to ensure that all our work is done safely and efficiently. You can rest assured that your property will be left in the same condition – or better – than when we arrived.

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Tree Felling in Roodepoort is in High Demand

Gauteng’s love affair with trees dates back to the 1880s. The region’s topography is a grassland/savannah system and during those pioneer years, trees were planted to provide fuel, fodder and fruit. By the early 1990s, more than 10 million trees had been planted, earning Johannesburg the label of one of the most densely tree-lined cities in the world. There are in the region of 1.3 million trees on Johannesburg’s sidewalks with an estimated value of R30 billion. Not to mention the millions of trees growing in private gardens. It is no wonder, then, that tree fellers and their tree pruning services are in high demand.

1. Tree Trimming
2. Tree cutting
3. Tree care
4. Stump removal
5. Tree removal
Tree felling near me
Chainsaws and helmets are part of a Roodepoort Tree Fellers gear when trimming and cutting trees

When do you need to call a tree feller

Special tree felling equipment for any size tree or bush in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. Removing dead trees in Roodepoort is what we do.
It is always wise to call on the services of a professional tree felling company when a mature tree or large tree that needs to be cut down .
Dead trees are dangerous and need to be removed before falling down. They could seriously injure someone or cause damage to the property.
Dead branches can fall off and present a health hazard because of bacteria and mould.
A living tree may also have to be removed if coming into contact with overhead electrical wiring or sections of the property.

Tall trees or palm trees need tree pruning.

There is a threat of a tree falling or falling branches have damaged property or other trees nearby.

If you have used our professional service we offer a removal services and rubble removal services of the unwanted trees.
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Professional Tree Cutting done for you in Roodepoort JohannesburgTree Felling Johannesburg works at any hight and any tree that needs attention. We also do tree cutting of any size.
Professional Tree Fellers working hard in Roodepoort, JohannesburgAre you afraid of heights, dont worry your professional and insured tree feller is just a phone call away
Roodepoort Tree Felling done by professionals. The owner is always on site and the fully insuredTree Felling Roodepoort fully insured and owner always on site, dont try this by yourself

How professional tree fellers get to work

Roodepoort palm tree trimming done by professional tree fellers
Tree felling can be a dangerous and a hazardous task, so it’s always best to leave the job to properly trained tree fellers that always work with safety gear and other safety equipment.

Tree fellers will start with site clearance and site inspection. We look for power lines, healthy looking branches, neighbouring trees and asses the tree shape before we commence with our cutting services.

We are a family business and Felling trees is our business. We take pride in our tree service and this reflects in our affordable, professional tree removal services.

First we remove most of what we call "small tree" branches. This is also referred to as a tree pruning service. It is better to have your tree felled at the end of winter making the tree removal service easier. If you have requested tree care, tree pruning or tree trimming this is where we will then stop and start site clearing.

If you have requested tree removal or stump grinding we will do that next. As a professional tree removal company we offe a great affordable service. If you are on a budget we can leave the tree stump to rot away, we will cut it down as close as we can to the level ground.

Tree Felling prices

Tree Felling Roodepoort made easy. We remove all the wood and leave your spot even better than before
Tree felling services in Roodepoort can range from about R2 000 upwards to R45 000, depending on the work that needs to be done.

The price normally includes tree cutting services from simple tree pruning to removing trees. Stump removal, however, costs more.

Stump removal

Stump removal in Roodepoort can be done on any day of the week. Call us to remove your stumps
Stump removal is a far more time-consuming and challenging process. Apart from removing the stump itself, the tree feller will also have to remove all of the roots.

The more mature the tree, the more challenging the task of stump removal.

Tree Cutting

Dead tree removal in Roodepoort is common when you think of how old some tree are in the area. We also do tree cutting and tree care.
Tree cutting is not a job for amateurs. Always consult a professional company with multiple tree services.

For our tree removal needs in Roodepoort and Johannesburg north, contact our tree pruners team even it is for emergency tree felling

Tree Removal

Tree removal in Roodepoort can be easy peasy. Call your professional treefeller today
Johannesburg and Roodepoort residents are not allowed to remove any trees planted on the sidewalk.

To have these pruned or removed, they must contact the Johannesburg City Council Parks Department.

Do I have to get permission to cut down a tree?

In South Africa there are some rules that apply to cutting down trees. For example if you are a developer and are developing a new property you have to check with the municipality if there are any trees that are endangered. The saying is always check before cutting down a tree. In some cases if the tree is hazardous exceptions can be made.
Normal trees or trees that are on your own land can be cut down unless they are registered as endangered.
It is always best to check with your Tree Feller. We do this kind of assessment almost every week.

A tree feller can save your tree and help prevent property damage.

A tree feller can help save your tree if it has a diseases or save future property damage
It is imperative to keep your trees free of diseases and green. This must be accomplished by pruning since it empowers the trees to get the correct appendage structure ready to withstand rain storms and solid breezes. Also, appropriately cared for trees are more averse to harm your family home or structures nearby.

As an ensured tree cutting specialist in Roodepoort, we have an accomplished staff with great tree feller experience. We service both private and business customers all through Roodepoort and the encompassing Johannesburg north territory. By expelling unnecessary branches we can help ease the worry of property damage. This will undoubtedly expand the life of the tree too. Regardless of whether the branch is experiencing stress or has been harmed in a wind storm, our specialists will asses on the best tree felling for your tree.

Tree Fellers in Roodepoort for safety

A tree feller in Roodepoort is your best bet when it comes to tree felling and tree removal. it can be dangerous and so only use a professional
It is a whole heap easier than doing the task yourself, it will be dangerous too. If it seems that you just need to remove one tree on your property, then it is the right time to have searched online and find the best tree feller in Roodepoort.

As you'll be able to see, removing undesirable trees on your own is not as easy as it looks. Have a professional tree feller look as see what the best plan of action is.

If you've got an overgrown or decaying tree, it might damage your property or your neighbour's. Our tree specialists are also knowledgeable once it involves planting and servicing trees. No matter your needs, we offer tree feller services in Roodepoort and the Johannesburg North areas.