Tree Felling



UTILITY LINE CLEARING is an essential part of urban living, keeping our streets and sidewalks safe from trees that have grown too close to overhead power lines or other utilities in order for pedestrians and vehicles alike can safely navigate their environment without fear.

Our industry-best practices ensure safety on site at all times as we use dedicated landing zones to pinpoint exactly where debris will come down so you know what areas are clear and how best avoid them with your vehicle if necessary!
Here at Roodepoort Tree felling we will customise a plan for your needs. We are professionals and expert tree fellers in our field. We have over 18 years experience in arboriculture services, so you can be sure that they’ll provide excellent service with friendly staff to guide you every step of the way!

The team from Roodepoort Tree Felling has been providing quality tree care since 2001 by listening to our clients' special requirements and recommending treatments accordingly. We're fully insured specialists who use only sustainable methods such as live-staking or coppicing!
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One rule: we always clean up after felling

We’re experts at removing trees safely and efficiently. We can help you clean up your yard, while also reducing the risk of future damage to infrastructure or hazardous debris.

Storm and wind clean up

Our tree removal services are safe and organized. Let us help you get your peace of mind back by removing all the hazardous, sharp debris that is lingering around after an unfortunate storm has left its mark on your property. We'll even take care to clean up any mess so it's easier for you to live with while we're at work!

A heavy duty storm can cause major damage in a matter of seconds which means our team will be there shortly after disaster strikes to clear out everything from fallen trees, shingles blown off roofs or decks destroyed by high winds--the whole lot needs tidying up before things become too much trouble anymore than they already have been!

Storm and emergency help

When a storm rips through, even tough trees and tree branches break and snap. If a huge oak comes crashing onto your power lines like a swinging wrecking ball to knock out all those lights you need for work in the morning, call us! We have a Storm Response team that are highly trained arborists experienced in removing any downed branch or troublesome obstacle within seconds so that life goes on as usual.