Tree Trimming


Tree Trimming

Have you been neglecting to trim the trees in your yard? If so, it's about time that they get some attention! Neglectful tree care can lead to a number of problems like dead branches and diseased limbs. For instance, if infected fruit falls from an overgrown branch onto public property or private lawns then there is potential for major health risks associated with insect infestation as well as hazardous conditions such as slips and trips on leaves.

Dead branches are not only dangerous when they fall but also because of their ability to attract insects which may carry diseases into other areas where people walk barefoot or touch surfaces without washing first. Without proper pruning during this season the risks will increase everyday.
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Tree optimal health

Calling Roodepoorts Certified Arborist will ensure that your trees are safe for you and all the people around them. With our expertise, we can help determine what trimming schedule is best suited to optimise safety while maintaining optimal health of each tree.

Tree Trimming and pruning

When it comes to pruning and trimming, there is a perfect window for it to be done. Over-pruning on non pruning can lead to your tree to sickness and eventually dying. At Roodepoort Tree felling we’ll listen carefully to your needs and analyze your trees shape or structure, analyze the potential growth patterns maximally with safety in mind while ensuring no branches are left out of reach from any angle - that ensures a safe space around each branch as well!

As Tree Care Experts our goal is simple: keeping Roodepoorts beautiful landscape full of healthy green spaces.

Tree checking

When you trust Roodepoort Tree Felling with your trees, you can relax knowing that it's less likely they'll cause a power outage or hurt someone. We're not just an arborist company; we're the tree-checker before disaster strikes!