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Tree Felling & Tree Care Service

You're in the right place if you need a tree felling service. We are an experienced and professional company, with Certified Arborists who stay up-to-date on the latest best practices and technology for tree maintenance. With our extensive knowledge of trees, we will take great care of your needs!
We offer a wide range of services including specialist treatments to protect your trees against pests and diseases, yearly inspections and pruning services. Whatever the size or shape of your garden - from large commercial property to small city gardens - you can trust us to give it our full attention.
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Protect your property with Roodepoort Tree Felling

At Roodepoort Tree Felling we specialize in removing tree stumps and branches from residential properties. We work hard to make sure that we provide the best service possible for our clients. Our professional team will listen to your needs and construct a personalised plan just for you! You can explore our services below, and find out how we can help you successfully achieve your goals. From tree removal to branch trimming, there are many ways that we can step up when you need it most!
Tree Trimming and Tree cutting in Roodepoort is essential. Our professional treefeller uses cables to ensure not damage to the property

Roodepoort Tree Felling provides Trained Professionals to Clear Your Overhead Lines

Roodepoort Tree Felling is a company that specializes in tree felling and clearance. We are committed to providing the best service possible for clients in need of overhead line clearing. We'll carefully and safely remove hazardous branches, and if necessary, trees so that your overhead lines are safe from any costly damage. All of our employees have been trained professionals with years of experience in this field. To ensure safety on site we follow best practices by using landing zones so no one gets hurt while we're working on your property. We also hold all relevant certifications.

Roodepoort Tree Removal

We are tree removal experts from Roodepoort and have decades of experience and are the best in the business. You want to get your pesky trees cut down? Give us a call!
Our team has been taking care of customers since 2001. We've built our reputation on a commitment to excellence, providing quality workmanship, and being knowledgeable about all kinds of tree-related matters. Whether you need a small branch removed or an entire forest felled, we can do it for you with ease.
We're qualified experts who will give your property the love and attention it deserves while treating you like family...
Old and dead trees need to be removed as soon as possible as there could be tree diseases at play
Tree Felling Roodepoort made easy. We remove all the wood and leave your spot even better than before

Roodepoort Tree Trimming Company Lays Groundwork for a Beautiful Landscape

Companies like ours that provide tree trimming services are the key to healthy trees, and maintaining a beautiful landscape. We have been working in the industry for more than 19 years now, and we know how important it is to get your tree trimmed on a regular basis. Our company has started laying ground work so you can enjoy an even better view of our beautiful landscapes. When you hire us, you'll have professional craftsman who will take care of all your needs from beginning to end!
Tree removal in Roodepoort can be easy peasy. Call your professional tree fellers

Trees Health Care

Our team of tree experts is here to help you. We'll assess your trees for pests, disease, or other signs of health issues, and we'll create a plan to treat your trees. Chopping down trees is our last resort, from pruning to treatments, we'll do what we can to save your trees. We'll help you keep your trees in great health.
Started just 20 years ago by a group of passionate people who love nature and the outdoors; Roodepoort Tree Felling has grown into one of the most reputable and reliable tree felling services in Roodepoort with over 4500 satisfied customers.